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Comprising 20% of our staff, it is one of the most important departments that Meins has.
MEINS R+D+i has been working for more than 2 years on new lines of research providing solutions of HIGH ADDED VALUE.
We have all the necessary resources to carry out investigation, development and innovation projects including testing laboratories.
Some of the developed projects:

  • ETHANOL STEAM REFORMER (ESR): Compact plant, easily transportable, installed in gas stations that require H2 for vehicle recharging.
  • THERMAL BATTERY FOR SURPLUS ENERGY: By means of a reliable and durable thermal storage system, a method of storing energy is obtained that allows it to be recovered at a later date.
  • ELECTROLYZERS: System that uses electrolysis to decompose water into hydrogen and oxygen.

Innovation is our main tool to guarantee the efficiency, progress and competitiveness of the company! We keep adding up!

Investigacion y desarrollo
stream power station