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Renewables Energies

Supply of 36 processing centers for string type inverters, composite prefabricated concrete enclosure, assembly box for 27 inputs, protection, control and communication equipment, as well as power transformer and medium voltage cells.

Date: 2022
Power: 3 MW

In Meins we are committed to support this world energy transition, which purpose is to use the renewable energy as main supply source for all governments and countries.

Thus, we are not only providing different solutions for utility scale plants, but also providing our service to these companies which want to transform their energy expenditure to clean green and free, though their own self-consumption installations.

If you are a company , compromised with environmental protection and want to reduce your energy costs, contact us in order to offer a balance and proper solution for your specific situation.

Click the video to see why and how, Meins is betting on solar energy.

The future is green and the change, is now.


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